Printed these 2 linocuts yesterday, A4 with rubber based ink on 300g paper

23 bat prints / 27 moth prints

15€ + postage

I drew this, Hans designed it and Sasha printed it

If you wanna get one, write an email to Sasha -

Belt is made by Varya, if you want one of those, you can also write an email to the same email address.

I drew a design for Ongehoord, an Amsterdam based animal liberation organisation and Sasha just printed it. 

Another wall

Wraps around 

From Tuesday on some of my work will be hanging in Paradigm Body Art in Arnhem.

I will be there on Saturday the 5th, so come by and say hi!

Also if you’re into sludge/doom stuff, check out my band Leechfeast, we just uploaded a new song and we’ll be touring in April/May.


Bela Lugosi / Boris Karloff

Cover up

Lines and black healed, dots fresh

Will add some more in the middle eventually 

Stopmotion video I made recently

Music by N’toko